Commissioned by the Historical Heritage Foundation for Castille and Leon (Spain) and The City of Sepulveda Council I worked on the production of the audiovisuals on display at the new museum that has opened its doors in the Old city’s Jail.

The first video tells you the story of this old prison built in 1543 and closed in 1984. Placed on the second floor and just before you access the cells block, this video will try to guide you through time and space throughout the whole building and surroundings. It was specially developed in 3D with a sketch look and a mixture of 2D animation so the viewer could reflect on their visit what they have just seen.

The second one is a three screens set up in which you will be able to discover the most interesting historical places to visit across this beautiful village. Although watching this video from your comfortable seat will be very different from being in the actual jail as there is a model of the village just in front of the screens where you would be able to see how the different areas are lightened as the video goes through them, it is worth a watch.

RoleDirector / Video EditorClientSepulveda CouncilYear2013